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XBMC Remote – My first windows phone 7 app

Since last couple of weeks, I have been playing with windows phone 7 development tools. Its based on silverlight so anybody who is familiar with silverlight and WPF should find themseleves very comfortable developing for WP7. I have used silverlight in the past on my own so wanted to see if I can build something which is both useful and learning.

XBMC is an open source media center application which can run on Windows, Linux and Mac. It started with a software which people wanted to run on old xbox (modded) and it was perfect for playing movies music and other stuff on your TV. Over last few years, it has evolved as full feature media center application which is ported across platforms. I use the windows version at my home.

There are remote control applications for iPhone and Android so I thought why not build one for Windows Phone 7. I was initially hoping to collaborate with others but then decided to on my own. Its been going well and I hope to put some images of my recent work. Since last few days, I have posted some of the progress on my blogspot blog so you can check it out in the mean time at

I will post some updates soon about this project very soon but wanted to introduce it to you all with out any delay :).


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