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Fun with Marketplace submission

So last few days, I have been working really hard to get the app out for submission. The last 10/20% is really what takes a lot of time and I spent days just fit and finish. I also got the chance to test out the app over the weekend on real phone (borrowed from a friend) and learned few things. One main observation was that on phone, the loading is slower compared to emulator (which probably is using PC passthru). Playing with the app, I also realized that I should better support incremental downloading of data rather than whole in 1 shot as people would have big libraries and the delay would be unacceptable.

With all those things done, finally it was time for submission. I had a question as to how the certification would work as without XBMC server, the app is pretty much unusable (most of the main screen is disabled). I hoped the testers would either install XBMC or wouldn’t care. I was wrong. My app got rejected with in a day and I was left with a sad face.

On the positive side, this pushed me to refactor my communication layer to use clean interfaces and I implemented a mock layer to let anybody play with the app without needing the server. This option now gets presented to users when they launch the app and there are no data connections specified. It was fun playing with it. Hopefully people will like it and will find useful.


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