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Pando Radio V 1.3 – login issues

Pando Radio has stopped working today. An update with the fix will be coming soon. In the mean time, please enjoy jangora –


Pando Radio – Login issue is fixed

Just wanted to let Pando Radio users know that the fix for login issue got approved. It should be available soon at the marketplace.

Jangora – unofficial client for

Just wanted to let my users know that my app “jangora” got approved and should be available on marketplace soon.

Jangora is a windows phone 7 client for  and similar to pandora. For all the users who are having difficulty getting pando radio to work on windows phone, please try this app in the mean time. Pando radio fix would be coming soon as well.

Pando Radio – login issue

If you recently downloaded “Pando Radio (Free)” and experiencing login issues, please be aware that its being worked on. Unfortunately the windows phone marketplace process doesn’t let me hide the app while an update is in progress. I have to wait for the update to pass/fail before I can submit another one with the fix.

I hope you understand the limitation and delay in the fix.

Update after a while

Its been a while since I added new pages for some of the apps I have been building. I recently released “Metro ringtones”, “SkyPlayer” but didn’t get a chance to blog about it. Finally today I added their dedicated pages.

In addition, I also added information about an upcoming app called “Pando Radio”. Can you guess what’s its about? 🙂

Pando Radio is a pandora client app for windows phone. Check it out at

A big milestone today :)

Thanks to all the users out there.

Free music manager just got better – v3.0

I submitted v 3.0 for certification yesterday with lots of features and a completely re-designed UI.

Here are some of the screen shots –